• We exit the kitchen to a hallway with door. Hear giants snoring inside the room and decide to sneak in the room and attempt to coup de grace.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated two stone giants (Ka’cha, Gral), and six hill giants (Blair, Ka’cha, Gral x2, Crixus, Noor).
  • Search bunkroom and room where stone giants came from.
  • FOUND: 700GP (140GP each), 10 Gems (500GP each), Dwarven Stone Tablet, mundane items
  • +1,255 each = 34,780 TOTAL XP (last two encounters)
  • Gral scouts the area down the stairs, but group decides to clear the upper level first. We enter a short hallway to more doors and exit to the watchtower area and see sleeping guards. We dedice to take out the tower first.
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated four giants (Crixus x2, Gral x2), two giant minions (Blair x2), and two orc minions (Blair, Noor).
  • Search watchtower and courtyard.
  • FOUND: 2 Gems (1,000GP each), L13 Magic Item (Crixus), mundane items
  • +740 each = 35,520 TOTAL XP
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