• Head down tower to large room with bridge over chasm to large stained glass glowing sphere with stars. Crude recreation of original.
  • Encounter 4 / Defeated sphere (Kigyar), a Mindslicer (Gloin), and three Githyanki (Hiradur 3).
  • FOUND: 4,000GP (800GP each)
  • Kigyar, Gloin, Ashar, and Hiradur take shards of stained glass. Ori and Gloin push furnace into chasm. We decide to confront Telecanthus quickly and storm back to the main hall after communicating with Amyria.
  • +780P each = 52,974 TOTAL XP
  • Encounter 5 / Defeated Penel (Ori), one mindslicer (Ashar), and four Githyanki (Hiradur, Kigyar, Ashar 2). Telecanthus and one mindslicer escape.
  • FOUND: L16 Magic Item (???), L14 Magic Item (???)8 Exquisitely Crafted Stained Glass Globes (1,000GP each). Globes depict different scenes of litch queen’s reign.
  • +1,420 each = 54,394 TOTAL XP
  • We’re offered Telecanthus’ mansion as a reward for defeating him. We decide to utilize it for the refugees and stay there rather than the inn.
  • Major Bonuses / Uniting Githzerai, destroying the Bitter Glass, win at Akmad, publicly discredit Telecanthus.
  • +1,920 each = 56,314 TOTAL XP (DERYK SUGGESTS CORRECTION TO 55,214 TOTAL XP)
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