• Tied up Filth King points to the pile of gold offerings under the statue of Tiamut and says he was approached by a stranger in a cloak wanting him to harass Githzerai with a bounty for dead ones. Kigyar and Ashar decide to destroy the statue and find a passageway behind it. Kigyar grabs some gold and a large 5-headed Gold Dragon Golem constructs itself before us. Oh snap!
  • Encounter 4 / Defeated Gold Dragon Golem (Hiradur).
  • FOUND: Huge Pile of Coins (7,000GP – Gloin holding), 5-headed Dragon Statue (7,200GP), L17 Magic Item (Gloin/Ori?)Crystal and Silver Hourglass (8,500GP), +3 Armor of Dark Deeds (Hiradur)Level 15 Magic Item (Ashar-?)
  • Gloin puts massive amount of coins in Bag of Holding (just enough room). Kigyar requests the Hourglass and will pay difference in his share of future group item sales.
  • We continue down hidden passageway into library room.
  • Encounter5 / Defeated three slightly agitated decomposing skeletons (Ashar, Hiradur, Glion), and five not-so-scary decomposing skeletons (Hiradur 2, Ori, Gloin, Kigyar).
  • Room is safe enough to stay in and peruse the shelves. We find a book from Gradium Oculos with info about a bearded man who we need to look for in an old tower and that we need to trust the blade girl. Appears to be speaking of our previous history with Megan, etc. Find excerpts about a sounding chamber Agolos’ toxic residue from contraption to Astral Sea. Decide to go back to inn and then go to Dwarven mapmakers at The Deep Cartographer to talk.
  • +1,000 XP each = 48,574 TOTAL XP
  • +800 XP each = 49,374 TOTAL XP
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