• Visit shops in town and trade goods for group and personal.
  • SOLD: 16,000GP (3,300GP each) worth of Fire OpalSapphire, Emerald, Statuette and 12 Rubies from Kigyar’s Saddle.
  • Hiradur sells Catstep Boots for 544GP (80% of 680GP value).
  • Kigyar and Hiradur trade Die of Auspicious Fortune for 4,500GP and +2 Challenge Seeking Dagger, and pledge to train Crawly to love uncle Hiradur.
  • Note from Odos left at the inn wants us to come to Riverdown. We follow road and become spectacle to lesser people. No beggars are apporaching though. Arrive at Plaza of Vision and enter warehouse guarded by Githzerai. Tahket is appalled by living conditions of roughly 35 people living here. Hear arguing and it appears there are factions in the group. Notice Ameria with arguing Gith. she’s excited to see us. Galot is proposing a fight against Telecanthus. Can’t stand Githyanki being in prominence. Azit is there too. Ameria is suspicious of Lord Torrance’s relationship with Telecanthsu. She’s the one to bring coalition together — Kalad, Faerix (dragon), Kalindra (ancient elf), Lord Torrance, Quilana Entromiel, and Inogo. Ameria tried to get to island of Nethias, but can’t get there. Tells us of spider dream.
  • Encounter 1 / Convince Odos to join coalition (7/3 success/fail) and he unites the factions. Asks Gloin to speak with mages to find out how Telecanthus is associated with the web dream. Voice speaks of spice house and something behind the guardian. Go find Rancid Agnes, a street urchin, to see if she knows of this place. Run into group of violent beggars on the way.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated four badass beggars and eight not-so-badass beggars. Two escaped.
  • One of the badass beggars was knocked out and interrogated by Kigyar. Tells they were sent by the Filth King, Lord of the Beggars, to kill whoever came out of the warehouse. We take him to the town guard.
  • +800 XP each = 44,654 TOTAL XP
  • +1,040 XP each = 45,649 TOTAL XP
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