• Pull off awesome cross-the-t maneuver and attack airship “Sacrifice”.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated ten Githyanki mermadon, two warriors and the ship’s driver.
  • FOUND: Green device for communication, 40GP in purse (Ashar)2,400GP (480GP each), Emerald (1,000GP), Statuette (1,500GP).
  • +1,710 XP each = 39,484 TOTAL XP
  • +720 XP each = 40,204 TOTAL XP
  • We jump into enemy airship just in time to see our old ship plummet to the ground and take out two supply wagons. As we head to the rockslide device near the fortress, a red dragon flies up to our ship.
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated red dragon and rider.
  • FOUND: Leather Riding Harness (Kigyar)14 Rubies (7,000GP), Overcoat of Thangriel Dragon Knight (10SP in pocket)(Kigyar).
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